Ebony Beehive Escutcheon

A superbly crafted Victorian style Beehive escutcheon with a front plate made out of SOLID ebony – a wood long regarded as one of the finest and most decorative hardwoods available. It polishes to a superb lustrous finish and is excellent for achieving fine detail when turned.

This classic Victorian style of Beehive escutcheons is very similar in style to its machine forged brass counterpart. It is the ideal complimentary product for both our ebony door knobs and our range of other Beehive products.

The brass back plate of this product is available in a choice of 2 finishes – polished brass or polished nickel.

Fixing screws supplied.

Product checklist:

  • Product codes: Polished brass (WEB) Polished nickel (WEBN)
  • Length – 62mm
  • Width – 26mm
  • Projection – 13mm
  • All products un-lacquered
  • Weight (each) – 25g.

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